Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Santigold -"Radio"-mp3

Santigold goes all in for the radio with new track "Radio", from the original soundtrack for Paper Towns. Santigold, who has reportedly been working on the follow-up to 2012's Master of My Make-Believe, hopefully a late 2015 release.

Santigold -"Radio"-mp3

Finding Novyon -"No Reason"-mp3

Minneapolis is creating a interesting new batch of MC's and Finding Novyon is definitely one of them. He recently returned from a trip to NYC and releases several new looks including "No Reason" and "Chili Fry Freestyle", both produced by Travis Gorman. His next jump is highly-anticipated The Food Network, be on the lookout for this.

Finding Novyon -"No Reason"-mp3
Finding Novyon -"Chili Fry Freestyle"-mp3

l X l V the Lily - "You Are Luhh Ft. Frank Ocean And Aaliyah (cover)"-mp3

The mysterious singer from Minneapolis & Atlanta l X l V the Lily does a nice understated cover of a cover with her interpretation of Frank Ocean's version of Aaliyah's "At Your Best (You Are Love)".

l X l V the Lily -"You Are Luhh (At Your Best)"-mp3

Why Khaliq -"For You"-mp3

St Paul scene is growing rapidly and new voices like the young spitta Why Khaliq is one to watch, he did this one just "For You". His well crafted, impressive debut The OtherSide The Six5 showcased his talent and included guest verses from Metasota, Greg Grease and Lucien Parker.

Why Khaliq -"For You"-mp3

Monday, June 29, 2015

Jean Grae -"Crux"-mp3

NYC's Jean Grae the game's hardest female lyricist returns with a six-song iSweatergawd EP, with assist from Quelle Chris and Tanya Morgan. If that's not enough she also released another six-song jump with the equally ill SAIX EP.

Jean Grae -"Crux"-mp3
Jean Grae -SAIX-stream

Su Na - Fade EP

Minneapolis get another good look from rising producer/artist Su Na whose three song Fade EPshow so much promise. Su Ra celebration of midtempo beats draped in theatrics, with similarities to the Soulections camp. Also checkout "Sinster" with vocalist Midnight.

Su Na -Fade EP-stream
Midnight & Su Na -"Sinister"-mp3

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sarah White - "Through People [M¥K Remix]"-mp3

Minneapolis artist, vocal stylist Sarah White gets an assist from MYK (ZULUZULUU) on "Through People Remix". The original version produced by DJ Don Cucoa appears on Sound Verite's 2014 compilation New Space: Moon Rock Vol.1. Look for new music from White in the near future.

Sarah White -"Through People [M¥K Remix]"-mp3
Sarah White -"Through People"-mp3